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My Tshirt Ministry Movement

My Tshirt Ministry Movement- The Birth


It's more than a tshirt! It's a movement! Put on a tshirt and love yourself! Take the focus off of your looks and your body! Take the time to look inward and heal from your past traumas and mistakes. Your inner beauty is far more important and lasting than your outer beauty could ever be! Let's heal together.








It's time to let go of the pain, unworthiness, rejection, anger, resentment, self hate and condemnation that you have been holding on to! You can, you will, you must Surrender! Decide today, that you are worthy and nothing you have done or that has been done to you can ever change that.









Everyone always tells us how we must forgive others so that we can be set free, but what about forgiving yourself!? So often we've forgiven those who have hurt us, while still holding on the to the weight and burden of not forgiving ourselves. Blaming ourselves, telling ourselves it was our fault, or I never said anything, or I should have spoken up, or I shouldn't have gone there, or worn that. No more shame, no more guilt and no more humiliation! It's time to forgive yourself.





Healing hurts. It's OK! We have to acknowledge the pain and harmful emotions connected to the traumas in our lives in order to properly conquer them. It's time to address these tender areas, confront them, feel them and be SET FREE. The pain may not be your fault, but the healing is your responsibility.





No longer holding on to the silence and shame of the traumas of your past. We are more than our mistakes and the things that have happened to us. Let's walk in surrender, forgiveness, healing, wholeness and restoration.





No matter what we've been through, our past mistakes and traumas do not have the final say. We can learn to both conquer and overcome. As the Phoenix rises from the ashes, you too can emerge from the ashes of your life as something beautiful and new. We often admire the beauty of the butterfly but forget to acknowledge the process it went through before it was set free.