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My T-shirt Ministry Movement

 Changing the World, one woman and one tshirt at a time!

Above the Clouds

Where it all Began

The Story

For 37 years I had never worn shorts! After facing a series of sexual traumas, abuses, rejections and divorce, somewhere along the line I started to believe I was only worth my looks and my body and I was easily discarded. I began to identify more with my molestations, rapes, abandonments, divorce and mistakes than my successes and accomplishments. I could easily put on every tight dress, short skirt and sexy top that displayed my body and gained me attention or validation. But putting on shorts was about feeling comfortable in my own skin... truly loving myself, seeing beauty and worth in me beyond my looks, beyond my body and beyond everything that had happened to me. 


My twin sister came to my house around my 37th birthday this year and stormed into my house and stood in my kitchen where I was sitting and took off her shorts right there! She said, "Put these on! There's nothing wrong with you! You are beautiful! You are not broken! You are worthy! I won't allow you to spend one more minute hating yourself and not loving yourself!" So I finally put on the shorts! 37 years of shame, rejection, unworthiness, self hate and insecurity began to suddenly melt off of me.


Not only did I put on the shorts but I put on a tshirt to go with it instead of my usual tight cleavage baring top and something happened. I had never felt more beautiful, more confident, more myself, more shame free and set free than I did in that instant. What I experienced in that moment, the freedom of healing and finally loving me, finally seeing me, I felt was worth sharing with the entire world! I wanted to help set other women free from the all of the shame of their past sexual traumas, abuses, hurt, rejection and unworthiness! I put on a tshirt for 30 days in a row and challenged women to follow my movement! I encouraged them to finally heal and be set free and to love themselves.  I told them to take the focus of their shame, their looks and their bodies and to focus on their inner beauty and to take the 30 day tshirt journey of self love and healing with me. I am not what happened to me. I am more than enough! Healed women, heal women! Let's heal together.